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  • Mitochondria EM
    EM analysis of purified mitochondria
  • Parkin translocation to mitochondria
    CCCP-dependent loading of PARKIN on mitochondria
  • Parkin Activation by Phosphorylation
  • Poly Nature


Sep 2020

Check out out paper with Rachel Green identifying EDF1 as a key regulator of ribosome collisions - great application fo TMT proteomics to discovery new proteins in polysomes (EDF1).

Sep 2020

Congratulations to our neighbors in the Shao lab for the great collaboration with Alban in the lab on the identiifcation of ATP13A1 as a transmembrane dislocase that removes mislocalized tail-anchored proteins from the ER. Such mis-localized proteins include those that normally are localized to mitochondria. Thanks for the great collaboration!

Sep 2020

Very happy to announce that Kelsey Hickey and Felix Kraus have joined the lab. Kelsey was a graduate student in Jonathan Weissman's lab at UCSF and worked on ribosomal quality control (RQC), including a recent paper in Mol Cell. Felix was a graduate student in Mike Ryan's lab in Melbourne and worked on Dynamin and mitochondrial fission/fusion dynamics. Welsome to both!!

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