Department of Cell Biology
  • Maps of unstudied open reading frames from the BioPlex interactome study
  • Mitochondria EM
    EM analysis of purified mitochondria
  • Parkin translocation to mitochondria
    CCCP-dependent loading of PARKIN on mitochondria
  • Parkin Activation by Phosphorylation
  • Poly Nature


Jul 2020

Congratulations to Heeseon and Alban on the publication of their new paper in Nature! An H, Ordureau A, K├Ârner M, Paulo JA, Harper JW. Systematic quantitative analysis of ribosome inventory during nutrient stress. Nature. 2020;583(7815):303-309. doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2446-y

Sep 2019

Excited to have Ellen Goodall (from Andy Martin's lab at Berkeley) join the lab as a post-doc and Alex Panov join the lab as a graduate student from the BBS program.

May 2019

Excited to have Melissa Hoyer join the lab! Recent alum from Gia Voeltz's lab (UC Boulder).

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