Happy to announce that Vinay, Melissa, Sharan's and Joao's paper on the role of TAX1BP1 and TBK1 in lysophagic flux appeared in Elife. Check it out:

Eapen, V., Swarup, S., Hoyer, M. J., Paulo, J. A. & Harper, J. W. Quantitative proteomics reveals the selectivity of ubiquitin-binding autophagy receptors in the turnover of damaged lysosomes by lysophagy. Elife 10, e72328., doi:doi: 10.7554/eLife.72328. (2021).

Happy to announce that Bobby Hollingsworth (recently graduated from HMS BCMP and Hao Wu's lab) and Chan Lee (recently graduated from Mike Overholtzer's lab at MSKCC) are joining the lab this week!! We are excited to have you and look forward to lots of fun and cool experiments.

Our collaborative paper with Danielle Garshott and Eric Bennett @UCSD describing iRQC - a surveillance pathway for 40S ribosome quality control during mRNA translation initiation is now out in Cell Reports. Interesting use of Ribo-Halo and Ribo-Keima developed previously in the lab by Heeseon An to decode mechanisms of 40S degradation occuring likely as a result of ribosome collisions during translation initiation. Check it out at: