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About Us

We are a team of scientists with an interest in elucidating the machinery and mechanisms that organize cellular proteomes, and the roles of these pathways in neurodegenerative disease. This is achieved through multidisciplinary approaches in a collaborative and interactive environment.


Fundamental research in organelle and protein quality control and networks

We are broadly interested in organelle and protein quality control, and the roles played by autophagy and the ubiquitin system in these processes. It is now clear that a substantial fraction of genes mutated in neurodegenerative diseases function in organelle quality control. We use a variety of approaches, including proteomics, biochemistry, and cell based screens to uncover underlying mechanisms.

New technologies and approaches

We also are developing new approaches, including several types of quantitative proteomics methods, to elucidate quality control mechanisms. We also are involved in elucidation of the human protein interactome, through our BioPlex studies.

Training rigorous and creative scientists

We seek to provide an environment where we can develop rigorous approaches to the problems we are tackling while also allowing for creative approaches.

Core Values

Rigor - we strive to produce high quality, innovative research that will stand the test of time. No shortcuts.
Community – we strive to create an inclusive, welcoming environment that values collaboration, diversity, and mutual respect for everyone. Everyone is of equal value.
Integrity – your work should be reproducible, clear, and objectively documented and reported.
Transparency – it is expected that you will share your data, reagents, protocols, and code with your fellow lab members. When we publish our work, we endeavor to be as transparent as possible so others can better understand, reproduce and build upon our work.
Communication – open, effective and respectful communication is essential for any group of individuals to function.


We are located within the Department of Cell Biology, an outstanding environment for scientific research.

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